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Easy Ways and Tips to Relieve Your Travel Fever in 2021

Living during times when travelling is almost fully prohibited while you are feeling like you are stuck in the same place for the rest of your life can be really difficult – especially if you love seeing and experiencing new places and cultures either by solo-travelling or with your friends. Luckily (for us all!) there are still many ways to enjoy and find new experiences without going that far! These tips are also great for those who just would like to experience something new and relieve boredom!

1. Go on a Museum Tour Around the World 

Have you always wanted to visit the biggest museums in Europe, but you just have not had the time to queue or enough money to book the tickets? Most museums offer their museum tours online. For example, the most visited museum in Europe, Louvre, offers online tours to visit different parts of the museum without booking or queuing! Set a date with your friends and explore different museums around the world online, in some cases, for free! 

2. Watch a Historical Movie or a Documentary

Most online platforms that offer movies and series also offer interesting documentaries about world cultures. Documentaries usually offer a deeper look into the history, explaining and showing different sides of the cultures or important places and people. If you can’t travel to Egypt, why not learn about and experience the Pyramids at home without all that travel hassle anyway!

3. Organise a PowerPoint Party (Travel Edition) 

One of the still quite unfamiliar ways to organise party games for your friends is to gather everyone online to follow a 10-15 min PowerPoint presentations on almost anything! The idea of the travel edition PowerPoint party game is to find all your old holiday pictures from your favourite trips and to give a presentation about them! What would be a nicer way to spend your Saturday evening than reminiscing those old old times with your closest friends? The game is fully modifiable so the rules are all yours to decide!

4. Try Cooking Some of Your Favourite Holiday Dishes

Do you sometimes think about those amazing foods and flavours you had the privilege to experience during your travels? Why not try copying those same dishes at home? Once again, just pick a country and go for a culinary trip! You can always find some videos or recipes of almost anything online, so do not hesitate to explore new ideas!

Hello! I am a language enthusiast studying at the Helsinki university. In my writings, I always try to use current topics, and I especially enjoy writing about DIY and crafts ideas!
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