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Chaplin’s “Modern Times” in Turku

Last Friday, Chaplin fans (and movie enthusiasts) were treated to a special evening in Turku: there was a showing of Chaplin’s Modern Times in the Turku Concert Hall, and the movie was accompanied by a live performance from the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra.

Turku isn’t that close to Helsinki, but with 3 euro tickets from Onnibus and just a two and a half hour ride ahead of us, it wasn’t too daunting to go to another city to see a movie. After the bus ride, there was even plenty of time to grab a meal in an Indian restaurant.

The movie experience was amazing and it’s a shame there aren’t performances like this for other movies as well. Chaplin’s movies have stood the test of time really well and it was great to see it in such a setting.

After the movie, it was time for a bus ride back home – but not before admiring the fish in Hotel Caribia where the bus left from.

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