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Campus Cutie: Risto Fonselius

Year: 6th

Major: Public Policy

Minors: Communications Studies, Sociology

Hometown: Helsinki

Hobbies: At the moment I’m spending my time finding out how to shoot and edit videos. I also love to collect and listen to records. One thing I like a lot is to play the drums but that I haven’t been able to do for years.

What is the one talent you wish you had?

Definitely a good singing voice would be a great talent to have! Although listening to good singers is okay too.

What is your favourite band/artist of all time?

Probably a great rock band called The Band. I will never get tired of their music.

Which historical figure would you like to have coffee with?

There are a lot of interesting and brilliant figures to be found from the past who I would definitely like to meet, but I’m not sure would some of them be good company for a cup of coffee. So that’s why I’m going to say the late American author Kurt Vonnegut.

What are your survival tips for winter?

Everybody should stay inside and avoid going outside. Although another way to survive is to enjoy what winter has to offer, because if we’ll have a snowy winter it’s going to be really beautiful outside.

Describe your perfect Sunday.

My perfect Sunday would start slowly and there would be no hurry to go anywhere. Then the most important thing is to have a free Monday! There’s no better way to spend Sunday than knowing I have the next day free. But mostly just relaxing and drinking coffee.

If you can offer your 15-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Get a haircut. I didn’t appreciate haircuts too much when I was younger.

Favourite pizza toppings? 

I think the crust is the most important factor, but if there are mushrooms and ham in a pizza then I’m definitely going to like it.

If your life was a song title, it’d be…

“Skippin’ work today” by Eddie Kendricks. Because I have always been drawn to the kind of lifestyle that’s not based on similarity schedule-wise. :)


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