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Budget Book Shopping at the Book Fair

Last weekend the Book Fair was held once again in Messukeskus. The Book Fair has discount books, panel discussions with authors and book signings for the duration of the entire long weekend. It's the perfect place to find books at student friendly prices.

This year, for example, the famous Donald Duck illustrator Don Rosa was doing signings for fans. Above you can also see my picks from the massive collection of books that were being sold at the fair.The Wine, Food and Good Living fair is also held at the same time as the Book Fair. This year the theme country was Italy so the fair boasted a great selection of delicious cheeses, wines, and toher delicacies.

The free food samples from the food side are a great way to keep your energy up while searching for new reading pleasures, and afterwards you can find a nice booth with the food of your choice (I chose the Thai food) and eat a nice lunch/dinner before heading home. 

An English philology major with a passion for reading and writing. I also like photography and wish I was better at it. If you're a fan of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Charmed or Buffy, we already have something in common.
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