The Broke Student’s Guide to Tasty Vegan Take-Away Breakfasts

It’s autumn! And that means one thing… Classes have started. And while that's all good and fun, the student life brings some challenges with it:

  1. being busy
  2. being broke

I don’t know about you, but I’m really bad at scheduling cooking time in my day-to-day life (I always manage, however, to find some time for Netflix and audiobooks). I’m ashamed to confess this, but most mornings, when I’m grumpy and busy and not fully awake, I end up buying a baby-food porridge pouch and an energy drink for breakfast. Admittedly, it’s not ideal. Not only is it anything but ecological (all that plastic waste…) but it's also ridiculously expensive in the long run (one porridge pouch is about 1€). In short, this is why I decided to come up with three quick, tasty, portable vegan breakfasts. All oat-based, easy to make and completely cruelty-free!

I went to Prisma and got all this for about 15€! Not too bad, eh?


The Portable Porridge

I see you rolling your eyes there, about to close this article. Porridge, you think, is the most basic breakfast ever. And, of course, you're absolutely right. The innovative thing here, however, isn't the porridge itself but rather the package. The thing is, these days you can buy reusable baby-food pouches. Yup, it’s a thing! A genius thing, mind you: you don’t have to worry about carrying spoons around or any such nonsense. What you do is you prepare a basic porridge, which works as a base, and separate it into a few batches. Then, you transfer the porridge into a blender and throw in some berries, fruits, cooked veggies… whatever you have in the fridge! Remember to add some extra water or plant-based milk as well when you’re blending. Then, just transfer the mix into the food pouches, and voilà! Portable porridge! These are perfect for those busy October mornings.

Autumn flavour suggestions include:

  • apple-cinnamon-peanut butter
  • pumpkin-clove-honey-ginger
  • carrot-cardamon-raisin

    What these lack in appearance, they sure make up in flavour!


The Quick ’n Easy Cookies

These cookies are honestly the best! Super easy and quick to make, with only two to four ingredients.


  • apple sauce or a mashed banana
  • oats
  • (cinnamon)
  • (raisins, berries, chocolate, whatever!)

But… don’t you need eggs? No! Baking powder? Mistaken again, my friend! Just mix all the ingredients together, form cookie-shapes on a plate, microwave from two to five minutes, occasionally turning the cookies, and get ready to inhale these yummy treats! Remember to keep an eye on the microwave, though. These cookies are kind of like avocados: they’re perfect for that one crucial moment, and them BOOM! What I mean is, these get burnt really fast, and nobody likes burnt cookies.

Yum! These cookies are perfect for breakfast, snack, or even a healthy treat (trust me, they don’t taste too healthy)!


The Autumn Apple Crumble

OK, this is literally the easiest breakfast/ dessert to make. (Breaksert? Desfast? Whatever!) Just preheat an oven to 200 °C, slice up some apples, throw in some oats, spices, peanut butter and honey, and throw the mix in the oven (don’t actually throw it in there, OK? Just… lay the sheet gently in the oven) and bake for about 20-25 minutes, occasionally turning the mix. This is like an apple pie, only it’s healthy, cheap, and has peanut butter in it. Um, perfection? I think yes! 

   You can't go wrong with apples and peanut butter! 

Breakfast is served!


Photo taken by the author