Best of: Vegan Recipes

We have posted our fair share of recipes here at Her Campus Helsinki over the years. In case you’ve missed them or you are new around here, we've rounded up a selection of our very best!

Banana bread

Our vegan banana bread is perfect for a special occasion, but also if you happen to have a lot of overripe bananas that you have no idea what to do with.

Savory soy pastries

If you feel like putting some effort (but not too much) into your cooking, or you want to wow your friends the next time they’re over, try these super quick and easy soy pastries! They’ll leave you and your guests wanting more.

Spicy Purée Soup

And last but not least, the cold winter days leave us longing for some comforting, warm soup. Why not make this cheap and delicious spicy purée soup? Tip: make this in bulk for a few days of ready-made, healthy dinners.

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