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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Helsinki chapter.

Have you considered learning a new language but have no idea where to start? Or you do know what to do but are still unsure about your language choice. After all, taking different courses and picking workbooks is a costly thing to do. To spare some time and money, I listed different apps for language learning that will help you to either make up your mind or just familiarize yourself with a new language.

1. Duolingo
This one is probably the most well-known app among language learners. Even though you will not be able to take your knowledge to an advanced level, it is just perfect for beginners. Interactive exercises, good visuals, and the number of offered languages are huge plus.

2. Babbel
Back in the day, Babbel was known for its Spanish course. However, today they offer courses in 14 languages in total. The lessons are 15-minutes long and designed to teach you the most practical phrases. The app suits those who want to study a language with more serious intentions in mind.

3. Italki
Unlike previously listed apps, italki is not free of charge. Despite that, italki offers to connect with a wide range of native speakers and professional teachers. Affordable online lessons and the opportunity to chat with native speakers are exactly what italki is known for.

I hope you will find these apps useful in your language-learning journey!

Helsinki Contributor