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Academic Youtubers to Follow if You’re Applying to Study in the UK

Are you planning on applying to study in the UK? If so, here are some YouTube recommendations both for information and motivation! If not, then in any case, the spring term is here and I for one find it a bit… tedious, to be honest, to settle back into the familiar routine of study and work. If you’re in a similar study slump, take a look at these fantastic academic YouTubers that create interesting and enjoyable content.

Molly at Oxford

Have you ever considered applying to Oxford? This is your channel! You'll find both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level tips and detailed information on the application process from someone who’s done both her BA and Master’s at this world-class institution. You’ll also find examples of e.g. statement of purpose, academic CV and written work. Even if you’re not setting your sights on Oxford, though, this channel contains a lot of applicable info when it comes to applying to other top universities in UK.


This is another channel that contains information on applying to Master’s and PhD studies (in the US and UK). You’ll find informative tips, examples of things to include, even a Statement of Purpose read aloud (it’s rather difficult to find examples of these so if you’re working on your own, I recommend checking this video – also on applying to Oxford – out). You’ll also find videos on e.g. writing a research paper.

Ibz Mo

Ibz Mo creates informative and entertaining content on UK top universities, focusing on what it is like to study at top universities coming from an underprivileged background. You’ll find tips e.g. for writing a personal statement but also some very entertaining videos like this spilling the tea one.

Jack Edwards

Jack Edward’s channel contains loads of fun reading challenges, essay writing, personal statement tips, videos on being a student during Covid-19 pandemic and more.

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