7 Stages of Realising Exam Week is Closer Than You Thought

We've all been there, and most of us are probably there right now. "There" being, you think you have way more time until exams and deadlines hit you, until one day you realise that exam week has crept up on you and you still haven't started studying. Here are 7 stages of going though that realisation. You're not alone!

1. “It’s still November, I’ll have plenty of time to study later.”

2. “No wait, it’s December already. Where did all the time go?”

3. “Exam week is still ages away though, I’ll start rewatching Gilmore Girls from season 1.”

4. “I have a couple of deadlines next week but I’ll still have time for one more episode…”

5. “The deadlines are this week, time to clean the entire apartment!”

6. “Now that the apartment is clean for once, I could organise a Christmas party for my friends.”

7. “I have 5 exams, 4 papers and 2 group assignments due in the next two weeks and I haven’t started working on any of them.”