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6 Tips for Achieving Your Goals

Everyone has dreams or goals they want to achieve, but it can sometimes feel like those dreams are our of your reach. Here are my five tips for how you can turn your dreams into a goals so you can make them come true much more easily.

1. Define your dream very well.

Dreams can be a bit tricky to accomplish because they can be too vague, so you must turn it into sensible words. For example, if you want to be in better shape your goal could be something like “I can run 5 km effortlessly” or “I work out 5 times a week”. Be very precise.

2. Have a “why”.

When I had to get my driver’s license I was terrified. The day before my driving test a had a very bad driving lesson and after it I went home crying and said to my mom that I wouldn’t take the test. But I had written down my “why I want a driver’s license”, and I re-read it. Surprisingly, the test went well and I got my license! So write down just for yourself why you must accomplish your goal. That way when you are having a hard time on the way to the top you can remind yourself of it.

3. Visualize it.

This is something that athletes do before a competition. They visualize themselves performing like they have practiced many times. See yourself where you want to be when you have accomplished your goal. What do you wear? Which kind of people you have in your life? What do you do? Your imagination is the only limit. See it yourself.

4. Feel it.

I like to start my day by doing a power pose. I either hold my hands high and stand tall or place my hands on my hips. I say out loud different affirmations like “I can do it”, “I’m the best” or “I’m loved”. So when you visualize, create the feeling you feel after you have accomplished your goal. The positive emotions are what you really seek when you want something. So how do you want to feel? Happy, loved, satisfied, needed, brave, limitless, beautiful… Everything is possible. Make it real.

5. Take the first step.

The only thing that is really stopping you getting to your goal is you. You hold all the power in your life. The blame is only yours if you don’t make your goals true. So now that you know what you want, take the first step. There is no better way to start than right now. Divide your goal into smaller parts so it won’t feel too overwhelming. Remember to be kind to yourself.

6. Enjoy the journey.

Reaching your goals wouldn’t feel truly satisfying if it didnn’t take great efforts to get there. Every day counts. So get out there, now it, see it, feel it and make it happen. You can do it!

I am studying theology in the University of Helsinki. My interests vary from Asian culture to spirituality and self growth. I hope I can share the stories, people and new thoughts about the world and write enjoyable articles.
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