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5 Travel Apps Everyone Should Have


Are you planning to have a short getaway next weekend but you prefer to keep the planning on the minimum level? What if you could just easily decide in a couple of minutes where to eat, what to see and what events to take part in? … We looked for travel apps that can help you in the different moments of your trip and here’s what we found out… Take a look to have new ideas to help you enjoy your next adventure!



This is the perfect travel app if you are desperately trying to navigate in a foreign city. It has very specific and clear maps and will guide you effortlessly with the public transports. Also, this app will keep track on how many steps you take, how many calories you have burnt and even how many trees you have saved by using pedestrian routes and the public transports! It also provides you information about streaks and other special circumstances regarding traffic. However, this app doesn’t yet cover all the cities in the world, for example Helsinki is still missing from its database. Still, a great number of European capitals, cities in North America and some big cities in Asia are present, and I would certainly suggest you to try this app out when heading out to a new big city! Buses, trains, maps and subways in the same place!


What if you find yourself at the hotel after a long day of tourist activities and suddenly want to go to a party? Luckily, today you won’t have to struggle so much with where to go because TonightAround is a great app for finding electronic music parties and concerts. You can even search for your favorite artists and DJs and see where they are playing tonight and who knows; maybe you will discover some new favorites as well. No more struggling about finding a nice event in a new city when you can find all the information you need in a one place. This app is relatively new so it doesn’t yet cover all the cities but it will get more of them added soon!  


First step on your travel must be to find accommodation. If you haven’t yet tried AirBnb, you should! Nowadays you cannot only find an affordable room or an apartment and rent yours out, but can also find nice and unique activities for spending an unforgettable holiday. 

What about taking part in a cooking class and learning to make the perfect paella in Barcelona or going to a guided mountain climbing trip in Tokyo? After having booked a cozy and affordable apartment in a local neighborhood where you can experience the pros of everyday life in the area? Airbnb is good for you if you are a budget traveler who is not afraid of new and pleasant adventures.


TripAdvisor is a well-known app among the traveler community, and certainly that is one part of its strengths. In this app, you can discover the best restaurants, hotels and things to do by reading your fellow travelers’ reviews on them. That being said, you can easier choose the convenient alternative for your needs and hopes. Also, TripAdvisor donates “Traveler’s choice” awards to for example the best hotels, which helps you as a customer to spot the good customer service by following the TripAdvisor logos wherever you go.


This is a great app when you start to plan for your trip. Maybe you haven’t yet locked the choice of your final destination?  Don’t worry, take a look at this travelers’ dream Instagram first! The app is presented with the map of the world,  and as you zoom in, you begin to see collections of photos that have been taken from a certain area or a city. If you zoom close enough, you might locate the greatest sceneries nearby. The best feature is that you can help other travelers to find the best places to see with your best shots and spread the great sceneries from your adventure.


The author is a student of Translation and Interpretation of French from the University of Helsinki. She is constantly up to planning new travels around the world, learning more about herself and cherishing her friends. She loves to pay attention on the little details and explore between different cultures. 
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