5 Reasons to Travel to Riga This Christmas

With its beautiful Christmas lights and snow-covered parks, Riga is the perfect winter holiday destination.

The Christmas Market

Open until January 6, the Riga Christmas market is definitely worth visiting! Set in the beautiful Dome Square, the small and cosy market has that perfect Christmas atmosphere; here you will find traditional food, hot drinks (cherry mulled wine, anyone?), gingerbread, handmade gifts, and more. In the centre of the market is a beautiful Christmas tree. There are concerts, too!

The Old Buildings

Riga is filled with beautiful, old buildings! Remember to check out the House of Blackheads and The Three Brothers as you walk the beautiful, snow-covered streets of the capital of Latvia. Many of the buildings are in Jugend style.

The Coffeehouses

There are so many absolutely stunning, hidden cafés in Latvia. For the book lovers, I highly recommend Robert’s Books — it’s both a café and a second-hand English language bookshop. It’s the perfect place to just sit down and drink some coffee or tea after getting lost in the beautiful city.

Robert's Books at Dzirnavu street 51

The Parks

Definitely check out the parks of Riga! Nothing screams Christmas like these snow-covered landscapes.

The Food

The food in Latvia is SO GOOD. Grey peas, fish dishes, apple-filled crepes… absolutely delicious! If you want to go where the locals go, eat affordably and get that home-cooked feeling, head to Lido. I ate about three or four times there…. And I only stayed for one weekend. But seriously, the food is just so good. You’ll understand when you try it.


Photos taken by the author.