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5 Reasons to Join Her Campus Helsinki

Her Campus Helsinki is back  and to kick-start the new semester, we’d love get some fresh faces to our team! If you’re interested in working within the media and publishing world, love writing and/or photographing, have killer marketing skills or are known in your squad for throwing the best parties in town, read on to find out why you should join Her Campus Helsinki!

1. Get a platform to express yourself

Whether you love writing or photographing, this is the opportunity for you to get your work published and seen by thousands of people! Not only do we publish on the international hercampus.com platform, we also have multiple social media channels through which your work is showcased and advertised.

2. Gain experience in the media and publishing world

Planning on having a career in the media and publishing industry? Then it’s essential to get us much experience and practice as you can already while studying. And what better way to do so than in an online student magazine with an international readership and supportive team members? Being an active part of Her Campus Helsinki will not only look great on your CV, it is also a unique opportunity to learn many important work-life skills that you can wow your future employers with: being a team player, flexibility, meeting deadlines, writing in English, among many others – these are skills that any employer regardless of the industry will be looking for in a potential employee.

3. Have a chance to organize events and hone your marketing skills

At Her Campus Helsinki we organize events regurlarly and we couldn’t do any of it without dedicated team members putting them together. HC Helsinki gives you an opportunity to come up with your own event ideas and the tools to make them happen. You’ll also have many chances to meet lots of new students and put your marketing skills to the test by promoting our magazine to them.

4. Make friends

Her Campus Helsinki is not only a webzine – it’s also a community of like-minded students from different fields. Apart from writing articles, we also organize different kinds of events for both the public audience and our team to get to know each other better, bond and have fun. HC Helsinki is a great way to meet people you might have never met otherwise and to create life-long friendships.

5. Network

In Her Campus Helsinki, you will not only make friends, but also valuable connnections for the future! What could be a better start to the work-life than having a strong network of people ready to help you score your dream job? In addition to your fellow team members, you’ll also get a chance to connect with other Her Campus writers from around the world – the opportunities are endless!

Bonus: Get some free swag 

Unfortunately, due to our limited resources and status as a student magazine, we won’t be able to offer any monetary compensation for our members. However, twice a year we receive ‘Survival Kits’, boxes full of exciting things from our Her Campus sponsors that are shared with all the team members.

So don’t hesitate anymore, send us an email to hc.helsinki@hercampus.com with a short introduction about yourself and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  Can’t wait to hear from you!


The HC Helsinki team

Maria Printezi

Helsinki '24

I am a student of English Philology and Linguistics at the University of Helsinki.
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