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Are you running out of ideas for your quality time together? No worries! In this article, I listed some date ideas that you might want to take look at. All of them are budget-friendly and weatherproof.

Grab some coffee and head to the nearest park

Take advantage of the last sunny days this autumn, and enjoy your time with a hot drink in the park. You can take a walk and catch up on the latest news with your boyfriend. If you feel like it, you can also arrange a picnic in the quiet spot.

Have a movie marathon at home

Not up to any outdoor activity? That is totally okay. Instead, you can grab your favorite snacks and jump under the warm blankets to watch the latest movies on Netflix. You can also plan ahead and decorate the room for additional atmosphere.

Cook together something special

Here is an additional idea for those who would like to stay at home. Always wanted to try out that one apple pie recipe or roasted chicken? Cool! Now you can do it together with some chill music in the background.

Go out

I bet there is a lot of parties scheduled for October because Halloween is right around the corner, remember? You can visit one of those or you can come up with something else. There is huge amount of carnevals, exhibitions and concerts.

Get creative

I guess it’s been a while since you hold a brush in your hands. If you both like to do something creative, you can consider arranging a paint-and-sip night together. In addition, you can already think about Halloween decorations for your house.

PS. You can also use these exact ideas for meeting your friends.

I hope you find the listed ideas helpful. Enjoy the rest of the autumn and have fun!

Helsinki Contributor