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4 Tips to Ensure a Successful Vappu Picnic

Going on a picnic on Vappu day (May Day) is a definite must not only to Finns, but to students especially. No matter the weather, parks all over Helsinki and other major cities are crawling with good-spirited students and other partiers. The most devoted Vappu-lovers won’t skip their traditional picnics even at the face of hailing or sleet. So, as the weather for this year’s Vappu day still seems pretty uncertain, what can you do to make sure your picnic will nonetheless be a success? Check out our tips for making the best out of your Vappu picnic!

1. Dress appropriately

Even if we lucked out this year and the weather will be sunny and warm, make sure to still layer up! Overalls are of course the best piece of apparel for students, as the ground you’ll be sitting hours on will most likely still be cold and possibly even moist. 

2. Put plastic to good use

Firstly, you can use plastic bags as insulation underneath your picnic blanket to keep the coldness emanating from the ground at bay. Secondly, having a couple of extra bags with you will allow you to easily collect all the trash after your picnic is over. Thirdly, they serve as a fine emergency shelter if you are suddenly caught up by rain. Of course, using recycled and biodegradable plastic is always recommended.

3. Invest in the food

If you’ve been partying late into the morning the previous night, then getting up and dragging yourself all the way to Ullanlinna or whichever park you prefer might seem like a bit too much effort. However, if you’ve prepared delicious food for you and your crew already the previous day, going to picnic might seem worth it after all. Also, heating up the food before leaving and/or bringing a full thermos of hot beverage will also help to keep you warm in case the weather is not favorable. 

4. Bring music

Nothing will raise the mood better than music. Make sure someone brings with them portable speakers and get the party started. Many Vappu-partiers do this, so you don’t need to worry about distracting other people. In Ullanlinna park there’s also usually a salsa stage, where you can go dance the cold away.

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