4 Reasons Why Spending Time in Nature Is Healthy

Do you feel tired after having spent the whole day indoors or wandering in the grey landscape of the city? You might be surprised if you knew how energized you would be after a nice walk in a park or a forest. As human beings we are part of nature and many scientific studies show that our environment plays a huge role in our stress levels and overall well being.

1. Nature decreases stress and boosts your immune system

According to a study made by a group of Japanese researchers led by Yoshifumi Miyazaki at Chiba University, a walk in the forest can reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol with 2 percent! Surprisingly, a walk in a city center doesn't have the same effect.

As a matter of fact, the city itself might increase your stress levels, because it is not your natural habitat. Sometimes it is easy to forget that humans evolved in the middle of the nature. When you’re surrounded by trees and flowing streams, it becomes easier for your body to interpret its environment.

Also, a study showed that a few days long “forest bath trip" does not only drop the stress hormone levels, but also increases human natural killer activity and expression of anti-cancer proteins. The natural killer cells play an important part in a fight against cancer cells and infections.

2. The visual contact with nature impacts on our well-being

You might want to add some green plants or even pictures of nature around your study area. According to many studies, even the impact of viewing a natural landscape or plants reduces employees' need for sick leaves and increases their productivity. Although these effects are relatively lighter than actually immersing in nature, an attractive environment can have a surprising effect! Also, studies show that hospital patients who have a nice green view from their window seem to recover faster. What a great excuse to buy yourself flowers!

3. Spending time with your pets is healthy

As Howard Frumkin cites in a study in the American journal of preventive medicine, pet owners seem to have lower systolic pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides than the non-pet owners. Although these impacts seemed to be more significant within the male subjects, the same trend was also observed among women. Pets are also part of nature and you can even take them out to enjoy the fresh air with you to double the health effects for you both.


4. You sleep better

As going in the nature usually requires physical effort and fresh air to nourish our body and mind, you can be certain to get a good night's sleep in the evening. Having a short walk in beautiful and natural landscape decreases your stress levels, physical activity gives you a hormonal rush of happiness and you will go to bed refreshed and relaxed.

As we've already established, nature baths are a good way to give our bodies and minds time to relax. Spending time in a park or a forest can actually significantly bring you happiness and health. You can also enjoy the positive affects by bringing nature to you and decorate your home or office with green plants and pictures of nature. Pets are also proven to be boosting your health, so don’t forget to take an extremely good care of your best friend!