4 New-Age Gifts From the Vagina Fairy

The female menstrual cycle. In a word… Miraculous. In another word… AGONY

While the gift of fertility is just that, a gift — regardless of whether or not one should choose to use that gift — there is nothing more agonising than waking up on a Monday morning and finding that the Vagina Fairy has left you a little “prezzie” during the night. Not that the mind-numbing cramps you’ve been feeling, steadily increasing in frequency and intensity over the last week, weren’t indication enough that you would soon be graced a visit from Venus herself.

Luckily, life no longer needs to come to a complete standstill for one week out of each month, for there are several ways to manage the pain and the flo’. That’s right! As many of you already know, these days women no longer have to needlessly suffer the frustration and humiliation that can arise out of using incompetent menstrual gear. As it were, there are now so many different products to choose from to help us women through our monthly hell week, that you can actually have a life during your leak days, rather than feeling like you need to lock yourself indoors like a leper in hiding.

Due to my own ignorance, I myself have only just realised that I have other options than the one’s I thought I was forced to use, and I wanted to take the time spread some knowledge and hopefully help anyone else still living in the dark ages. Therefore, here’s a quick product presentation for those of you who haven’t yet been introduced to the wonderful world of modern-day sanitary products.

  1. Thinx — Period Panties
  • First off, let’s just say a quick “Hail Mary” for the wonderful person(s) responsible for creating Period Panties! If you’re like me and don’t particularly appreciate having to “plug the leak”, so to speak, then Period Pants are for you! Menstruating is the most natural thing for a female body to do, and as it happens, my body finds it wholly unnatural when I try and suppress this standard procedure, resulting in more cramps, more leakage and hella mad vibes overall. Therefore, advocating for the free-bleed, check out the ultra-thin, super-absorbent, bacteria-fighting and leak-resistant Period Panties! As a single purchase they are a bit heavy on the wallet, especially if you’re on a tight budget. But trust me, they are well worth the money spent!
  1. The Diva Cup
  • The first time I heard about this, I thought it was nuts! This small, silicone cup you’re supposed to wedge up unspeakable places… But that was before I tried it. And let me just say that this little blood goblet is amazing! Most of you already know what this is and how it works, so I won’t go into the nitty-gritty. Let’s just say that once you get the hang of how to use it — and yes, it might take more than a few tries — this little bad boy leaves you in such a good way that you’re able to get on with your days, worry free.
  1. Reusable Menstrual Pads & Reusable Menstrual Sponge
  • And when I say reusable, I mean reusable! Although I don’t have any personal experience using this product, I know women that swear by them! Reusable menstrual pads seem like the way of the future in terms of feminine care, but the verdict still seems to be out on the reusable menstrual sponge (review)… Still, in my opinion both are well worth trying out.

Now, you can certainly opt for a single method of menstrual protection, or alternate between several, but choosing to occasionally mix things up with one of these four products saves money and is an environmentally conscious decision. Pretty cool I say.

So go forth and purchase one — or all four— of these truly life-changing products, and bleed with ease! Oh, and bake cookies. Always. Bake. Cookies. Happy flo'!