3 Cool Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow


All these accounts are my personal favorites and many pictures from these accounts have been added to the save folder on Instagram to wait for the winning lottery numbers to come my way.

  1. 1. @leannemarshallofficial

    These dreamy, elegant and beautiful dresses surely brighten up your day while scrolling through Instagram. Live all your princess, goddess, bridal dreams through the pictures! Woman behind the brand is Leanne Marshall from California. Marshall won the contest Project Runway in Season 5. From there she officially launched her signature bridal brand line in 2011.

  2. 2. @audrey.leighton.vintage

    This brownish and warm-toned, theme-colored feed makes you feel like you are looking into the closet of your most elegant female relative! If you are a fan of vintage, this is for you! Elegant and feminine vintage collection which launces monthly a new collection that is very limited and unique. The creator of this brand, named Audrey Leighton, says, “Clothing is poetry in motion”. You could say that the vintage pieces are carefully collected and meant to be used year after year, and then passed forward to next generations.

  3. 3. @ralphandrusso

    In this feed, you will drool over gorgeous handbags, high heels and clothes made with absolutely careful artisanship. All the pieces are royal-like and are very much suitable for dreaming about your past life as a Queen. High fashion brand found in 2010 by duo Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo. This luxury brand is committed to create feminine, glamourous and timeless elegance in their collections.

Hope you enjoyed and maybe found some new fashion pieces to add to your whislist!