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3 Budget Destinations for Students

Already planning your next trip abroad but not sure where to go? Here are our top 3 budget travel destinations for this year:

1. Prague

photo by: Rostislav Kralik / Publicdomainpictures.net

Prague’s picturesque Old Town is filled with churches, narrow streets, and statues. The river in the middle of the city makes it easy to navigate on foot, which is a money saver. Also, most of the sights are architectural and, thus, free of charge. The food is not very expensive either and affordable accommodation can be found, even in proper hotels, within a walking distance of the main attractions. The local markets also offer cheap snacks that will sustain you between meals. If you want to venture further out from the city, by attending a (very informative) free walking tour, you can get discounts on day trips to nearby towns.

2. Berlin

photo by: Peter Dargatz / Pixabay.com

Berlin is the perfect city for art lovers and young travelers. There are museums, fashion, food, and nightclubs. What more could you want? There are great free walking tours of the city’s main sights and you can easily either walk or use the public transportation to get around. The food is affordable and you can find bargains on accommodation as well. The history of Berlin shows everywhere and you can find yourself immersed in the local culture just by walking around.

3. Barcelona

photo by: Svetlana Tikhonova / Publicdomainpictures.net

Barcelona is a great destination if you crave a combination of historic and eclectic and weird. The narrow alleys of the Gothic quarter are absolutely charming and the various sangria booths on Las Ramblas tempt with their fun atmosphere. There are beach clubs, shopping centers and churches. And a lot of it within a walking distance if you manage to get a hostel room in the center. The hostels are very cheap and so is the wonderful food – as long as you don’t eat on the main shopping streets. You can get a lot out of the trip just by walking around, which means you save quite a bit of money. And the general price range is a lot cheaper than Finland.

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