15 Awkward Things We Can All Relate To

Nobody can march through life without encountering some embarrassing situations. Though mostly harmless and often VERY funny, they still have that "Oh gosh why!" effect on us.

So, the next time you feel your cheeks turning red and can't get a word out of your mouth, remember: we have all been there! How many boxes can you tick from the following?

1. Trying to hide the fact that you have forgotten someone's name

2. Correcting someone who pronounces your name wrong

3. Not correcting when someone pronounces your name wrong

4. Having to have to introduce yourself to someone who you think you know already

5. Visiting someone you don't know that well and realising the toilet does not flush

6. The noise your jeans make against a leather couch

7. Remembering something funny and bursting out laughing on the bus

8. Mistaking someone's gender

9. Making eye-contact while eating a banana

10. Realising that people actually notice you staring at them even though you wear dark sunglasses

11. Yawning in sync with a long note of a song

12. Waving down the wrong bus and then pretending you were only stretching

13. Trying desperately to find the wallet you held a second ago, a long queue snaking behind you

14. Not realising the person you're talking about is standing behind you

15. Almost choking on a popcorn at the movies and coughing your lungs out