12 Stages of Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is an emotional, food-filled roller coaster. Here are the 12 stages of the most magical day of the year.

1. You wake up full of excitement about all the food you’ll eat in the next 12 hours.


2. You still haven’t finished buying/wrapping all the presents because that’s just who you are as a person, so now it’s time for some last minute wrapping or even panic shopping.

3. Joulupukin Kuuma Linja is cringey and really nothing happens on it but it’s still on in the background for some reason.

4. The Snowman makes you cry a little bit.

5. Then it’s time for the Declaration of Christmas Peace, live from Turku. It’s raining and people look miserable.

6. At least one of the traditional Christmas dishes stays in the oven for too long.

7. At least one member of the household claims that Christmas is now ruined.

8. Turns out that Christmas is, in fact, not ruined. You all sit down to eat.

9. FOOD.



12. You go to bed full of food and Christmas spirit and kind of maybe start counting the days until next Christmas…