Why Trump is the Regina George of Presidents

We all remember the movie that defined our senses of humor in the early 2000s. Mean Girls smacked us in the face in 2004 with witty one liners and jabs quick enough to rip through the exterior of the dreaded Plastics. Who or what is a Regina George?

She is someone dedicated to the complete annihilation of her peers, as well as someone willing to sabotage herself to get to her end game. It’s safe to say that we have all met a mean girl here and there, but it takes a truly committed byotch to rise to Regina George status. Here are a few of our least liked POTUS’s most memorable Mean Girl Moments.

1. It’s no secret President Trump never liked Hillary Clinton’s campaign against him. True, the candidates had flaws on both sides. However, Trump did seem a bit emotional and upset just like Regina when he blew up on Twitter repeatedly throughout the race for Presidency. I guess he really thinks that she’s a...well, let’s just let Regina say it for us.

Moving on...

2. While in office, Trump blasted President Obama for golfing trips and scattered vacations with his family. Too bad that, according to CNN, Trump has spent close to $20 million taxpayer dollars on his own vacation days. In addition, he is set to surpass Obama’s eight years of expenditures in his first as POTUS. Between Trump’s hotels, restaurants, and thousands of other money-making machines, it’s a miracle he isn't funding his own secret service.

Talk about a double standard! 

3. There comes a time in every girl’s life where she must deny everything in order to save face. “No, I didn’t know that was your dress.” “Why would I talk to him? He’s dating Jessica.” “I was never her friend, I never even liked her!” For someone who bashed on the Clintons, he did seem pretty friendly with them at some point.

Uh huh, we see through you buddy!

4. Despite hundreds of fact checks and scientific support reports, Trump continues to flip flop on climate change. First, he denies it’s legitimacy, then says we must combat it, and then turns back to it being a hoax. Maybe if we say it enough, it’ll just catch on.

Every Regina George needs her own Cady Heron. With Regina’s constant aggressive and annoying antics, Cady can’t help at become a bit of a mean girl herself. The beautiful Chrissy Teigen is always personally victimizing Trump and he finally snapped!


We love that Teigen told him how it was, but now that she is blocked, who will clap back for us? Until we know who’s next, let’s just keep praying for that little yellow school bus.

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