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Why I Hate Bathrooms and You Should Too…

When I was six years old, I watched a Doctor Oz show where he explained the disgusting facts about bathrooms. Ever since that day, I will not store ANYTHING I use on my face, mouth - basically anything I use on my body - in a bathroom. I also close my toilet lid before I flush. Now, why do I do this??? Let's get to that point.

Did you know when you flush it causes particles to float in the air? Well, that my friends, is bacteria. And you can only guess where that bacteria is coming from!! *Cough cough* it's what we do in the toilet. 

Those "particles" that are floating through the air are actually traveling up to 10 feet from your toilet. If you leave your toothbrush out in the open of your bathroom then you need to stop now because yes, that means those particles are LANDING ON YOUR TOOTHBRUSH. The toothbrush you put in your mouth. OH, and your HAND TOWELS, FACE TOWELS, WATER PICK... 

[bf_image id="q95zpt-7geqso-7qms43"]

That is exactly why my toothbrush stays in my bedroom away from the bathroom. BUT, I also do not use towels in bathrooms on my face or anything that is used on my body. I know that THOSE particles have spread everywhere lol. I put a roll of paper towels in my room and I will use that for my face and hands. 

Okay, now you can watch an experiment at this link that will show the bacteria traveling using blue lights. It's fascinating and gross. https://youtu.be/egkzyAFJ-g8

Now another talk-story...when I was a little freshman studying Pre-Nursing, I took microbiology where I learned all about microbes and it FUELED my germaphobia about bathrooms. All I could think about is how microbes reproduce and grow and find their way into different things. It absolutely disgusted me. I cannot go anywhere without thinking of which microbes have crawled into different spaces. 

For example, at Genki on Kapahulu, the containers that hold the wasabi have holes for the spoons to fit in... since it's a public place, I just know there are germs everywhere.  

SO, putting one of those toothbrush covers on your toothbrush will not secure it in my mind ?.

Anna is a senior at Hawaii studying Computer Science specializing in Cyber Security and minoring in Math. She is from Napa Valley, California. She loves focusing on school, health and fitness. When she is not studying, you can catch her working out, at the beach, with family, cuddling with her cats, at a coffee shop eating a lot of food or traveling somewhere off island.
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