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Which Hawaiian Island are you?

Hawai’i is made up of 8 Islands, each with their own distinct personality. Find out which one you are!

1) What is your favorite color?

a. White

b. Purple

c. Yellow

d. Pink

e. Green

f. Orange

g. Grey

h. Red


2) Choose your living situation:

a. All by yourself and you like it that way.

b. Mokihana.

c. Ilima.

d. Lokelani.

e. In a house with many roommates.

f. Far away but your view makes up for it.

g. Close to the beach and as far away from people as possible.

h. Lehua


3) At a party, you…

a. No one better talk to me…unless they’re cute. Then I’ll play hard to get.

b. Talk about all the cliffs you scaled and waterfalls you jumped off of.

c. You’re a social butterfly. You’re easy to talk to and open to everyone.

d. Dress to impress! You look fabulous and you catch all the guys with that exotic accent of yours.

e. Wow, that guy does not know how to take a hint. 

f. Just stand there while everyone comes to you.

g. Drink quietly in the corner as you grimace and scowl at everyone else.

h. Talk and flirt your way around the room. If anyone steps on your toes, you let them know.


4) People describe you as:

a. Off-limits! You’re definitely not an open book, but occasionally you let people in.

b. A rare treasure: adventurous, outdoorsy and you can’t get enough hiking or camping.

c. Busy/fast paced; you know how to play hard and work hard.

d. Sweet, feminine, exotic and beautiful.

e. A healer that is helpful and always there.

f. Enticing, unique and full of adventure.

g. Brooding, mysterious, complex and sweet (once people get to know you).

h. Beautiful, fiery, passionate and vengeful. 


If you answered…

Mostly As:

You are Niihau: the forbidden island of Hawai’i. Visitors are only allowed with a special invitation. You like to keep your secrets to yourself. When you do open up, it’s only to your best friends.

Mostly Bs:

You are Kauai: the beautiful, green island full of cliffs and waterfalls. You are adventurous, outdoorsy, and vivacious! Fun fact: Jurassic Park used Kauai’s shorelines to film the outskirts of Jurassic island!

Mostly Cs:

You are Oahu! With a mix of both country and city, you’ve got best of both worlds. You’re adaptable, diverse, and you definitely know how to party! Fun fact: The rest of Jurassic Park was filmed on Oahu, as well as Pirates of the Caribbean, 50 First Dates, and more!                                                                                          

Mostly Ds:

You are Maui: the island of romance and charm. You were voted Best Island for 19 years in a row! You are beautiful and exotic, as well.

Mostly Es:

You are Molokai: the calm, serene and relaxing island. You have a gentle spirit and you’re the shoulder your friends go to seek comfort.

Mostly Fs:

You are Lanai: Hawaii’s smallest inhabited island. You are intimate and peaceful; with a personality like that it’s no wonder friends come easily to you!

Mostly Gs:

You are Kahoolawe! Damaged by all the atomic bomb testing during WWII, this island is still healing and its history holds dark secrets. You are brooding and mysterious and may have some scars in your past like messy relationships. You’re moving forward one step at a time.

Mostly Hs:

You are the Big Island, also called, Hawaii! Home to Pele the Hawaiian Goddess of fire, violence and vengeance. You are fiery, electrics and passionate. Fun fact: Hawai’i is made up of five volcanoes, two of which are still active and allow visitors.

*Note: Questions and responses are based off of the island’s official state flower, legends, and landscape.

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