When you think I'm staring...

"When you think I'm staring"


Yes, I do think you’re very attractive. No, not you, the kid sitting behind you. No, don’t wave, WHAT STOP?

We’ve all been there: when we linger a little too long on that one guy’s eyebrows and he thinks you just named each other’s kids. Here are a few reactions that we all have when we make that awkward eye contact:


  1. Have I seen you before? No, maybe I knew you in middle school?


  1. Dude. What. The. Hell. Are. You. Wearing.


  1. OMG. When was the last time you shaved your armpits? .... I guess some people are into that.


  1. Sorry, I’m actually thinking about lunch. Ignore my stare, it isn’t for you.


  1. Okay so maybe I actually am staring because you’re attractive. Whoops. #sorrynotsorry