What is There Left to Fight For: The Women’s March.

This past weekend, thousands of people gathered for the 2019 Women’s March. Women, men, and children of all ages gathered to protest for women’s rights. But, some people did not understand what there was to fight for. Women can work, women can vote, what more could they want in life? I think the people who have to ask that question do not understand what women are going through in this day and age.

Let’s start with the wage gap for instance. Women are working the same exact jobs as men and getting paid less; and no, they do not have a lower education level or less experience, they have the same exact education level or higher with the same exact experience or even more experience and they are still getting paid less. The only difference is that women have a vagina. Getting paid less because of the fact that you are a woman is something to march for.

Choice. Something that everyone in this world should have. Especially the choice to do whatever the hell you want to do with your body. If I am carrying a child and I do not want to carry said child anymore, abortion should be an option to me, no matter what my reasoning is. Taking away someone’s right to choose what happens to them and their body is horrible. You want to know why? Because it is not your body and it does not affect you in any way, shape, or form. Even if you do not believe in abortion, you can still be pro-choice. You can still march for women to keep the right to choose what happens to them, because choice is something to march for.

Fair treatment and justice. The power that men have in this world is truly astonishing, the fact that so many men can rape or sexually abuse someone and get away with it is nothing less than disgusting. Even with evidence, men are still found innocent. Actual proof and they walk free. Men are abusive and they are praised. They sexually assault woman and they are praised. People are saying all over the world: “Well she deserved it.” “I would do it too.” “Look what she was wearing, it was her fault.” The fact that women are blamed for everything is a reason to march.

There are millions of reasons to march, and until you understand what every single woman in this world is going through, you have no right to even question what people are marching for. The march will continue. We will march until we are seen and treated as equals, until we get justice for our mother’s, sister’s, cousin’s and neighbor’s. We will never stop until we have what we deserve in this world: equality. Until then, we will continue to use our voices and stand for what we believe in, because we are women, and we march for and with women.