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What Photography Means to Me

What Photography Means to Me

Growing up, my mom was always taking pictures of my family and I. Holidays, family vacations, or even just a day at the house, I had a camera pointed at me. We have countless photo albums and hundreds of photographs. My mom has documented the first half of my life with pictures. And in today’s generation, photography can be found everywhere! I am by far an amateur myself, but what does photography mean to me? Why do I take pictures every chance I get?


It’s a form of expression.

Through photography, I am able to express myself simply by my choice of subject. Each picture I take can tell you something about me. For instance, I am absolutely captivated by the immensity of space and the beauty of the stars.

It captures memories.

For the same reason my mom took so many pictures, it captures memories. I’m very nostalgic and I love looking back at old photos with my best friends, especially now that I’m in college.

It captures the beauty of life.

Taking a photograph is taking a moment from our fast-paced lives a capturing it. Sometimes, we all need to take a moment and appreciate the small things in life, and photography allows me to do just that!

It’s an appreciation of the hobby.

When looking at other photographer’s works, and when looking at my own, I criticize and appreciate the picture. I take in the lines and angles, the clarity, the subject, and the depth. For me, all aspects come together to make the photo great as a whole.


Hailey is a senior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and is pursuing a double major in marketing and international business, with a minor in fashion design merchandising. She is one of our Campus Correspondents here at Hawaii Her Campus and she's an active member of Alpha Gamma Delta. Hailey loves going to the beach with friends, hiking, and taking pictures!
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