What To Do With An English Major

My journey to becoming an English Major was a long one. Originally, I had started out as a Nursing Major but quickly realized that science was not a strong subject for myself. I was undecided for a long time before I decided to become an English Major. I really had to think about what I wanted my future to look like and what things I was passionate about. Eventually, my love for reading and writing pointed me straight to becoming an English Major. After deciding on this new major, I had to decide what I would want to do with it. After some research, I learned that you can literally do so many things with an English Major. Here is a list of a few possibilities:


  1. Teacher: You can teach English. Not only in America but anywhere in the world. Teachers are a valuable part of society in all parts of the world. Inspire and teach.



  1. Editor/Publisher: If you love reading, like I do, but don’t enjoy writing, you can definitely consider being an editor or publisher.



  1. Journalism: There are so many types of journalism out there. You could write for magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc. Share with the world things you have learned or found out.



  1. Author/Novelist: You can write your own stories and books. If you don’t like reading, but enjoy writing, this might be something for you. Creativity can be found in so many places.



  1. Other: Believe it or not, even with an English Major you can go into Law or Medicine. You really can do anything with this degree. Be creative and see where this major can take you.



So even if you’re unsure what path lies ahead of you. Consider being an English Major. There is so much this degree has to offer. Plus, if you can read, you’re pretty much half way there.