What Are Your Greatest Accomplishments of 2018?

Wooh! WHAT-A-YEAR. Just like every other year, 2018 was full of both happiness, sadness, failures, and successes. But now that the year has come to an end, it's important to remember all the things you've accomplished last year. There may be things that you have been wanting to accomplish for a long time now or things that you may not even realize you've done! Looking back at last year, I bet most of us have moved at least one step closer towards our dreams. We all have to remember that we've worked hard and we deserve to be proud of ourselves. So here are some things you may have accomplished in 2018—and if not, then maybe you can set some of these as goals for the upcoming year!

1. You got a new job or promotion!

Since most of us are college students, it's often difficult to balance both school and work. What's even harder, is that we often get stuck working jobs that we don't even enjoy or maybe you only make minimum-wage! Trust me, we've all been there—I know I have. Perhaps you've been dreading your minimum-wage job and you scored a higher-paying job this year! Or maybe you got a job that has something to do with your desired future career, or received a promotion that you've been waiting on for years! As for me, I was able to get a job that I now enjoy much more than any of the other jobs I've had in my life, and I'm so thankful for that. If you haven't yet got to this goal, continue working towards it for next year. Anything is possible as long as you continue to work hard.

2. You've maintained a higher GPA or got an even higher one than last year/semester!

The load of school work for us college students can be very stressful. Especially if you are a full-time student taking four or more classes! Some people don't understand how difficult it can be to juggle your school work with every other part of your life, and how much time it actually takes. So maybe you've been trying hard to manage your time more wisely and were able to either maintain a good GPA or get an even better one this year! Props to you girl. Props to you!

3. You started something new

Perhaps you've been waiting to start something new for a while now. Whether it be a new business, a blog, exercising every day, or a good habit; starting something new and sticking to it is a praiseworthy accomplishment. As for me, I started a blog and took on photography as a new hobby! Starting something new can even mean starting a new relationship or friendship. Maybe you've been surrounded by negative energy and you decided to start meeting new people who make you a better person. Whatever you've started this year, remember to continue to maintain this new thing. You never know what it may turn into. And if you've been wanting to start something new, but you just haven't gotten to it yet, please do it! Don't be afraid to take risks.

4. You learned a new skill

Learning new skills can often be a long and dedicated process. Here are some examples of new skills you could have learned this year: how to play a new instrument, how to be a better leader/speaker, how to improve your interviewing skills, or even something as simple as how to change a car tire! No matter how big or how small this new skill may be, be proud of it. Some of the new skills I have learned this year are: starting a blog, beginning to learn the Tagalog language, and building a good credit score.

5. You've fostered better relationships with others

As busy college students, we sometimes get caught up in all of the hustle and bustle. But it's always important to care for your relationships and to maintain healthy ones. Maybe you've met someone new who has become your best friend this year! Perhaps you've created a better bond between your family members or your in-laws. Whatever it may be, maintaining healthy relationships is important for your personal growth and happiness. Although some of us are okay with being alone once in a while, nobody wants to be alone all the time! In addition, it's always crucial to have at least one or two people in your life who you can talk to and vent to. Don't be afraid to open up to those who really care about you.

Even if you feel you haven't accomplished enough this year, remember that you can still set those goals for the upcoming 2019 year! Always make sure that your goals are reasonable and that you have a plan about how to get there. Take it step-by-step and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You've probably accomplished more than you realized this year. No matter how small the accomplishment, remember to take it in and feel proud of yourself (but not too proud!). I don't know about you, but I'm ready to set new goals and accomplish even more in 2019!