Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

It's that time of year again, collegiettes! The Victoria's Secret Fashion show is HERE and it's bigger than ever with Ariana Grande performing and new, sexy lingerie! The best part of it all? The VS Pink Hawaii team has teamed up with HCHI to bring YOU to the show! Join us on Tuesday, December 9th in the Frear game room as we host the 2nd annual viewing party! 

There will be plenty of prizes to giveaway and tons of interactive games! You do NOT want to miss out. Special thanks to the VS Pink team for making this happen. VS Pink Hawaii consists of ten wonderful women who dedicate their time and effort into bringing the BEST in Victoria's Secret to the UH campus. Currently, Alissa Uyeda and Valerie Kan (pictured below) head the team. 

From left to right: Valerie Kan, Alissa Uyeda

Both girls were previously on the street team and after realizing they wanted to pursue something further with the company, they applied to be representatives."Who wouldn't want to work for Victoria's Secret?" says Kan. "My favorite part of my job was placing in the top 25 (out of 99) schools during the 2014 Campus Showdown and winning a trip with Alissa back to VS Headquarters!" 

Uyeda feels simiarly, saying, "My favorite part of my job is just being able to represent VS PINK. Because of PINK, I was able to experience and do so many activities that I never thought I'd do. I got to travel to the East Coast for the first time, see snow for the first time, and visit the Victoria's Secret Headquarters! I also got to meet people such as the PINK bra designers and the merchants in charge of PINK yoga; you have a lot of fun working for a company like Victoria's Secret."

End the semester with fashion, fun, and free goodies, collegiettes, by joining us Tuesday night!