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Things I’ve Learned as an Intern

Just a few observations about life in the cubicle…


1. It’s always cold in here.

I don’t know who’s in charge of the temperature in here, or what we did to upset them, but everyone is wearing a jacket in here. On my first day I wondered “why is there a blanket at my desk?” That blanket is now my best friend.


2. Snacking out of boredom.

I call them the “mundane munchies.” I feel like we are all guilty of this sometimes, but it’s never been worse than when I’m stuck behind a desk all day. It doesn’t help that there seems to be a never-ending supply of sugary sweets piling up on the table behind me, calling to me as I try to focus on some mind-numbing busy work. Donuts just materialize in the breakroom, and don’t even get me started on those damn Girl Scout cookies.


3. The Coffee Cycle:

Step 1: Make a cup of coffee in the breakroom because it’s free and you’re bored.

Step 2: Make another cup because you need a reason to get up from your desk.

Step 3: Make another cup even though you don’t want it because it’s too early for your lunch break but you need to sip on something.

Step 4: Take multiple trips to the bathroom because you drank way too much coffee. You’re now also way too over-caffeinated to sit still.

This is your life now.


4. The cute guy in the office is gay.

He was too-fashionable-to-be-true anyway. I really should have seen this one coming.


5. There are cliques.

You figure this one out pretty quickly. You see who goes to lunch together and who stays behind and eats at their desk. Luckily, as a lowly intern, I am not obligated to socialize and I’m pretty sure most people here aren’t aware that I exist. I can just keep to myself and spend my lunch break drinking coffee somewhere else for an hour.


6. I don’t own enough “business casual” clothing.

I’ve recycled the same four outfits for several months now. I would be more concerned if I thought anyone would notice.


Bridget is an English major with a passion for good story-telling. A Bay Area native, she loves hiking, swimming, camping, and especially napping. She splits most of her time between coaching the YMCA swim team, working her restaurant job, keeping up with school, and hanging out with friends... but her favorite evenings are spent with a good wine and a better book.
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