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Going out to eat Korean BBQ with your fellow meat-eating friends is always a vibe. But my friends can never decide whether we should go to Gen or Sikdorak. Fortunately for them, I love going out to eat, so I’ve compiled a list of pros for each place.

FYI: ’ll be looking at dinner prices for Gen since that is usually when my friends and I go out to eat.


There are two locations on O’ahu, one in Pearlridge and the other in Ala Moana. At the moment, the dinner price for Gen is $28.95. For $3.98, you can add a soft drink or tea and get unlimited refills during your dinner. If you’re over 21, you can also order alcoholic drinks – I highly recommend the strawberry soju.

As for the meats and menu, Gen has 35 items on the dinner menu that you can choose from. Personally, I like the variety that they have with the samgyubsal (pork belly) and chicken. You can also ask for rice paper, daikon paper, garlic, and jalapenos to eat your meats with. Your meal comes with a huge bowl of salad which they will refill for you if you finish it. Your table will also have a ton of banchan but they do come in small bowls, so you might have to ask for multiple refills.

Both locations close at 10 pm and you have a two-hour limit, so please be wary of that.


Sikdorak has three locations on O’ahu (Ke’eamoku, Kaneohe, and Waimalu). The price per person is $27.95 and there is no lunch or dinner price. They give you water, but it’s BYOB (bring your own beverages).

The menu has 17 items on it, all varying types of meat. Sikdorak has a lot of pork and beef, so if you’re into chicken, you might only have two options. The amount of meat they give per round is significantly more than Gen, so you’re able to get a bang for your buck. They have less banchan options, but the bowls are bigger than Gen. The kimchi at Sikdorak also tastes a lot fresher.

There is a 90-minute limit at all locations and all Sikdorak locations close at different times. The Kaneohe location closes at 10 pm, Waimalu location at 11 pm, and the Ke’eamoku location at 4 am. If you and your friends are late night owls, I highly recommend going to the Ke’eamoku location. However, if you’re going to be out late, be mindful of your surroundings.

Aloha everyone! I'm Mary Joy, born and raised on the island of O'ahu. I'm a junior majoring in Management. On my free time, I enjoy finding new places to eat, spending time with friends, and spending hours on TikTok!
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