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How To Prepare For Thanksgiving Based On Your Enneagram

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hawaii chapter.

tyPE 1: tHE perfectionist

As a perfectionist, you’re staying up the night before making sure everything is prepared and the event will run smoothly. You have a list – prepare the decorations, confirm that everyone is going to bring in their dishes, and have the kitchen clean and ready for use. Type ones are detail-oriented and precise, making the holidays an absolute headache for you at times. Remember to breathe and live in the moment!

TYPE 2: the helper

The (much needed) sidekick to type one. Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday for a type two! As the helper, you’ll probably take on too many responsibilities, but you’ll still help. Type twos are generous, people-pleasing, and genuinely want to help others. You might make sure everyone is invited, help out with the decorations and activities, or just make sure those boxes are ticked off for type one. We all need a type two at our events.

TYPE 3: the achiever

One of the most stressful parts about the holiday season are those group pictures. I know you know what I’m talking about. Those color-coordinated outfit group pictures that you have to plan out ahead of time and pose everyone in a certain way, but the babies keep crying so then the process takes even longer.

Yeah, those.

As the achiever, you go hard on getting things done. You’re ambitious, driven, and image-conscious. You’re the leader behind getting these pictures done and making sure it looks good enough to be on the family Christmas photo card.

TYPE 4: the individualist

Type fours are known for being sensitive and self-conscious. Because of this, you’ll probably be spending the days leading up to Thanksgiving on Pinterest trying to find the perfect recipe. Then, you’ll spend hours cooking and perfecting your recipe, completely overthinking it and hoping that everyone there loves what you made.

TYPE 5: the investigator

Your role this Thanksgiving is to stay in the kitchen and look busy so you don’t need to socialize.

That’s a mood, type five.

As the investigator, you tend to stay on the independent side and enjoy your alone time. It might be best if you stay with type one and help out in the kitchen, avoiding conversations with the rest of the group. Just make sure to try to get some alone time before everyone arrives.

TYPE 6: the loyalist

I can definitely count on you to make sure everyone is included in the menu. Type six’s are loyalists, which means you’re reliable, trust-worthy, and committed. You’ll be the one ensuring the vegans and those with allergies will have appropriate meals to eat. If they don’t, then you make sure there’s something for them. So many times those with dietary restrictions are overlooked, but you stay loyal to your loved ones and want to make sure they are taken care of. We appreciate you, type six.

TYPE 7: the enthusiast

As the enthusiast, you bring the fun to holiday gatherings. You might turn on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or have a few games planned for after dinner. Type sevens are spontaneous, playful, and always looking for exciting experiences. Basically, you’re like a kid in a candy store, but this time you’re at the dinner table. You definitely want to have a type seven at any gathering!

TYPE 8: the challenger

You’ll take charge this Thanksgiving and make sure everything that needs to get done gets done. Type eights are the challenger, so you’re decisive, dominant, and resourceful. You might give a different task to everyone there, check tasks off your list yourself or become a dictator, but you’ll definitely make sure everything gets done successfully.

TYPE 9: the peacemaker

You know those political conversations that are anticipated to come up during Thanksgiving and end up in an argument? This is where you come in. As a type nine, your job is to keep the peace. You’re supportive and want everything to go without conflict (which means separating your conservative uncle and liberal sister.) So before the gathering, make sure all of the strongly opinionated relatives aren’t sitting next to each other.