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The “Cbat” Trend and Why We Need To Stop Coddling The Male Ego

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If you’re active on TikTok (or even Instagram Reels at this point!),you may have heard about the infamous viral song “Cbat” by Hudson Mohawke. In case you needed a refresher, “Cbat” rose to popularity after Reddit user r/TylerLife posted in a TIFU (Today I Fucked Up) forum that his girlfriend, after two years, decided to tell him that the song “turns her off in a major way.” Ouch, but I definitely understand where the girl is coming from. “Cbat” is a jarring trap song that can really only be described as the most unsexy song I’ve ever heard in my life. How and why did Tyler’s girlfriend put up with this for TWO YEARS?!

“Cbat” is now on the Spotify top 50 charts as the internet has rallied to make fun of TylerLife. Which is very deserved, in my personal opinion. However, it seems like everyone has ignored the fact that TylerLife’s poor girlfriend is not the only victim of his “Cbat” inspired hijinks. According to TylerLife in his infamous post, “my previous partners, however they never complained about the song so maybe it’s just her.” This quote begs the question: why has this man gotten away with it so many times? 

This trend is arguably a sign of a much larger societal problem. Why are so many people, especially women, in relationships with mediocre men, putting up with so much unpleasantness? It’s ridiculous. Nobody should have to completely suppress their own feelings in the name of sparing someone else’s. Especially when such a complete lack of communication leads to people (TylerLife) getting away with bad behavior. 

The issue goes so much deeper than what song someone chooses to play during sexy times. Refusing to stand up to men is how they get away with playing terrible music. It’s how they get away with stereotypical “man child” behavior. It’s how they get away with ghosting. It’s how it is socially acceptable for straight men to hoist off parenting duties on their wives. Why should we have to make allowances for men, despite being uncomfortable? Why is it that women are seen as “aggressive” or “hostile” whenever they want to make their own voices heard? It is a nightmarish situation. 

How do we get ourselves out of this? It’s simple. Don’t be afraid to be “a bitch.” What I mean is, make your voice heard in your relationship! If you date men, you do not need to act like their mother. Just because Sigmund Freud theorized about men being secretly attracted to their mothers, does not make it true (he’s largely considered to be a big joke in psychology classes). Also no, you CAN’T fix him. Please don’t even bother using that excuse. You can easily swap out that average looking man with another average looking man who is more respectful and doesn’t have a very concerning sex playlist. 

Basically, communication is key here. Also, DO NOT let the men get away with things! Otherwise, we might end up having to put up with “Cbat” for several years. Let’s create a future where we can take charge of our own relationships. No more suffering in silence. Oh, and if anyone wanted an update, TylerLife and his girlfriend broke up. If she can escape “Cbat,” then I think that each of us needs to do our best to confront and escape our personal “Cbats.” No more of that!

Ava Dalton

Hawaii '25

“I am tough, but I’m no cookie” -Lana Winters (American Horror Story:Asylum) Ava is a Psychology major at UH Manoa. When she’s not writing or working on her upcoming novel, she’s listening to Fleetwood Mac (proud Stevie Nicks stan), reading new books, or rewatching her favorite shows for the millionth time