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The Best Places to Find Your New Favorite Cocktail

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I’m the kind of gal who loves a good cocktail. I definitely have my favorite go-to cocktails (Lychee Martini or Vodka Sour, anyone?), but I am always wanting to try something new. I have discovered quite a few places to look to find new (to me) and interesting cocktails to try.

Instagram or TikTok

Social media is filled with tons of great recipes. The FYP and Discover pages are pretty great places to start looking for cocktail recipes, but you can also find entire pages dedicated to mixology. A few of my favorites are SpiritedLA on TikTok and Instagram, BarChemistry on Instagram, and ItsCocktailHour on Instagram. These pages post interesting recipes with varying difficulty levels, so it’s perfect for an amateur mixologist or a seasoned pro.

Bartender Recommendations

A super easy way to find your new favorite drink is to ask your bartender what they recommend! Not only is this a great way to find your favorite drink from that particular bar, but if the cocktail ingredients are commonly in other bars, you could order a bartender’s recommended drink anywhere!

Pick a Drink Off of the Signature Cocktail Menu

Lots of bars and restaurants have a signature cocktail list on their beverage menu. This list is slightly different from the regular cocktails on the menu. Regular cocktails are drinks you could order virtually anywhere, such as a vodka martini, a vodka sour, or a Cosmopolitan. Signature Cocktail Menus are cocktail lists that are unique to that establishment. These cocktails could be a new take on a classic drink or even something brand-new that the establishment came up with. You can find some really interesting drinks in some really cool, local bars!

Mixology Books

Similar to cookbooks, mixology books are books filled with recipes to all sorts of cocktails. You can expect to find recipes for classic drinks in them, but you can also find really fun themed mixology books with some pretty interesting recipes! Some of them are themed around particular kinds of alcohol and some are themed around fun things, like Tarot Cards or even your favorite movie or book series! These books are great resources for anyone looking for something tried and true or new and inventive!

There are plenty of other ways to find your new favorite cocktail, but these are just a few to get you started! Happy exploring!

Shae Walker

Hawaii '23

Shae currently studies Communications at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa and is the Campus Correspondent for HCHawai'i. In her spare time, Shae likes to listen to music, hike, and cook.