Surviving the Holidays without your Family

Traveling home for the holidays can be a really expensive pain-in-the-butt that not everyone can manageespecially when you go to school in Hawaii. So here are some tips to help you survive your holidays away from home:


Get Festive

Decorate your apartment/house. Get into the holiday spirit. It may be hard at first but it would definitely bring some joy and light to your home, making it feel less lonely.

Watch Some Movies

Movies based on the holidays can always bring about that holiday feeling you're looking for. There are so many classics that you can never get tired of so pop something on and just relax.

Invite Friends Over

Have your own holiday party. You’re not going to be the only one alone, chances are there are going to be others away from home for the holidays.

Befriend A Local

If you have a roommate, or friends, local to the area then I’m sure they’d be happy to invite you to their home to celebrate. Everyone knows that the holidays are meant to be spent with others.

Video Chat

If you find yourself alone, just phone home. FaceTime, Skype, anything! Your family would love to hear from you and nothing cures homesickness more than talking to your family.

My first year away from home, I was lucky enough to have an awesome roommate who was a local to the area. She took me to her family home and I got to spend the holidays with her and her family. So if you find yourself feeling homesick, use these tips to help you through it.