Small Girl, Big Voice: Meet Teal Ho'opi'i

Age: 20

Hometown: Waipio Gentry

Major: Accounting

Height: 4’11”

Relationship status: Taken (Sorry, boys!)

Teal Ho’opi’i, a self-proclaimed neat-freak and lover of Instagram, appears to be another vertically-challenged local girl at first glance. However, after having a conversation with her it becomes clear that Ho’opi’i is much deeper than her height might suggest.

What Ho’opi’i lacks in height, she makes up for with attitude and voice. “I have a loud mouth and I’m peppy. I should have been a cheerleader!” Her loud mouth is matched by her full-bodied singing voice. She loves to sing R&B and pop music, and she idolizes Ariana Grande. Lately, she’s been listening Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” on repeat.

The way to her heart is through chocolate, Boy Meets World, and good hygiene. She likes a guy who can make her laugh, has a nice smile, and is tall. But don’t ask her if her favorite color is teal (you know, because of her name), or your assumption will be countered with a firm “NO.” In case you’re wondering, her favorite colors are pink and tiffany blue.

Ho’opi’i’s favorite part about going to University of Hawai’i is “her roommates,” according to her roommates. However, she agrees and adds, “I love dorming and living with my friends.” She says being at UH has taught her how to be independent.

In her free time, she likes to clean, sing, and shop. She would like to work for Hawaiian Airlines as an accountant, and maybe even live in New Zealand one day.

You can listen to her belt out vocal covers on her YouTube channel here.