Review: Shaka Shaka Tea Express

Looking for a place to study or catch up with friends?  Are you in the mood for some bubble tea?  Look no further than Shaka Shaka Tea Express located on the corner of King Street and University Avenue. 


Photo from Instagram @ShakaTeaExpress



The location is great for those who live on campus.  It's a short walk from the dorms/apartments, and is convenient for a quick “off-campus” venture.  For commuters however, parking is very limited.  Shaka Shaka does not have their own parling lot, so you will likely have to park across on the opposite side of University Avenue. However, it is a short walk from the parking structure at school, and many students choose to go in between classes.



The decorations inside Shaka Shaka are bold and bright.  You will see colorful lights, and overall  acomfortable and welcoming environment.  Compared to many other small businesses, Shaka Shaka has a sufficient amount of tables and seating.  Not only does the establishment have a television inside, but also free wifi!  The wireless internet makes it  convenient for you to study for class while also taking breaks to relax your mind. The workers are also friendly, and  of course the drinks are delicious.



Shaka Shaka's drinks are made with all natural ingredients!  You can order either teas, milk teas, smoothies, and more!  There's also a great variety of add-ons you can put in your drink in addition to your typical tapioca or boba.  The drink that I ordered came with small pineapple chunks-very delicious!  They do have some snacks and desserts on their menu as well, and everything is reasonably priced for a college student on a budget.  A bubble tea drink will cost you on average $5.  


I highly recommend making this your next new hangout spot.  Don’t just take my word for it, come check it out yourself!