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Resident Guy talks Long Hair vs. Short Hair


Pixie cut, afro, asymmetrical, dreads, shaved, the Carol Brady; a few of the many hairdos we’ve come to see over time that have created the ultimate battle of hair: long versus short. 

Long hair: With those luscious manes, us ladies definitely have a lot more to work with. Whip it, flip it, you name it. Long hair opens up more possibilities for styling and different hairdos. But as most of us with long hair have experienced, we grow an attachment to this extension of ourselves. A trip to the salon can result in months of hair-growing regret, making us ask ourselves why we even bothered to deviate at all. 

Short hair: Short hair is cute, fun, and bold. Not to mention is a whole lot more manageable.  It takes a confident girl to go out and get a pixie or bob.  It shows carefreeness and openness to change.  And you save on shampoo and conditioner! And, what we always tell ourselves, it’ll always grow back. So have fun and experiment!

For me though, I have to give it to my longhaired ladies. Especially being in Hawaii, where long hair isn’t just beautiful but touches on a little bit of native culture.  Plus, long hair don’t care, right?  But despite what people say about having to have the “right” look to pull off a cut, in the end that’s BS and everyone can rock whatever hairdo they so desire.  Wear confidence and you can wear any do. 

*Guys: The debate of men’s hair is a little less hot.  Just as with women, if you can rock what you’re working with confidence, you can probably pull off any look. For example, the man bun is on its way to taking over the world!

Resident Guy:

Short hair versus long hair is a question that heavily relies on a case by case analysis. There isn’t a right or wrong answer; it’s whatever fits the woman. Personally, I prefer long hair, but some women can make short hair special. Honestly, this is an odd topic, as this question is so specific to the woman in question. If I were asked why I side with long hair, there’s no other reason than it’s link to femininity. Long flowing hair is attractive to any man, this can’t be argued. 

There is a market for short hair, as well. There are several girls on campus that wear it well. Actually, upon retrospect, there are only ten – I remember these ten though. Short hair fits certain women; it makes a statement. For me, short hair individualizes a woman from the played out norms of expected individuality on campus. 

In conclusion, I view this topic as specific and subjective that one voice won’t do it justice. 

Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii. Art and Communications double major at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Loves to create things, build things, craft things, the whole shabang. Creative and chill is the way to be. Check out @goodarethevibes on Instagram for custom stickers!
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