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Reflecting On Winning A Hackathon with My Team

My team and I won the Meteor Hackathon!! In this hackathon we created an app for Meteor and competed against many other teams. We had five days to develop an app that would impact the world. Our app is called ECOCamino. ECOCamino is a web application designed to help communities team together to educate and address real threats to our ecosystems and increase environmental awareness among the public.

We placed first out of all the teams and it was one of the most rewarding feelings.

My team consisted of Daphne Estacio, Timothy Huo, Michael Gainey, Jerome Gallego and myself. We are all computer science majors and taking ICS 491 on Special Topics (Software Engineering).

To use our app, visit this link:
ECOCamino App

To read about our app, visit this link:

ECOCamino Page

I have wrote about computer science being the most difficult tasks I have put myself toward and how there are very few rewarding feelings when studying this major. Well, this was one of those “rewarding” moments in my college career and I want to go through some of the things I experienced this hackathon.

It was hard

It was hard. It was fast and it required a lot of time. It was hard physically because of sleep and mentally because we were building an app. My sleep schedule is still messed up almost two weeks later from it. I can complain about how hard it was, but I cannot stress how educational it was. I learned so much about Meteor itself and all the tools out there for me to excel.

I learned a lot about myself

To be honest, I secretly fell in a hole while we were building the app because I felt like I didn’t know as much as my teammates. I started to put myself down. I learned that I am not as fast to learning things and it takes me a while. I learned that I need to focus more on backend development so I can be more helpful in future projects.

I did learn that I am decent at public speaking and demoing apps. I liked that I was able to help in different areas of the project.

Teamwork makes the dream work

My team is so intelligent and I loved working with them because I learned so much from them. The world needs more kind, generous and patient people like my team. The compassion and hard work they hold is important. All of their great qualities and hard work led us to winning.

Anna is a senior at Hawaii studying Computer Science specializing in Cyber Security and minoring in Math. She is from Napa Valley, California. She loves focusing on school, health and fitness. When she is not studying, you can catch her working out, at the beach, with family, cuddling with her cats, at a coffee shop eating a lot of food or traveling somewhere off island.
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