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QUIZ: Who’s Your Professional Surfer Soul Mate?

  1. You like your surfer man:
    1. From Hawaii, born and bred. You need him to understand your island lifestyle.
    2. From the mainland. You need the perfect balance of different, but relatable.
    3. From another country. You need a little international flavor to spice up your life


  1. How important are world tour championships to you?
    1. Not at all. It’s clear his time is coming with age, and you’ll support him through the whole journey.
    2. Very important. You’re only interested in the winners.
    3. Middle of the road.  Consistency doing well means more than the shiny trophy.


  1. Your favorite hairstyle for your man is:
    1. Bleach blond. You want to be able to spot him out in those waves.
    2. Who says he has to have hair? You find a baldhead to be kind of sexy.
    3. Brunette. Talk, dark, and handsome is a nonnegotiable concept.


  1. Your favorite non-surfing hobby is:
    1. Sports, sports, and more sports. Anything to keep you on your A-game for the next big competition.
    2. Music. Nothing beats a little jam session in between surf sessions.
    3. Video editing. You want friends to see your latest and greatest ride in the most epic way.











Mostly 1’s: Your soulmate is John John (or J.J.) Florence.  He’s a bleach blond hunk who grew up on the North Shore. He knows this island inside and out.  He’s the next big thing for professional surfing, and even the greatest surfers out there know he’s the one to look out for. When he’s not surfing, he’s snowboarding and skateboarding to fill the void.  You better snag him now before it’s too late!

Mostly 2’s: Your surfer soulmate is the legendary Kelly Slater. You’re drawn to his success, and how could you not be? 11 World Tour titles are enough to make any girl’s knees weak.  You love a sensitive man, too. He enjoys writing and playing music with long time pal, Jack Johnson, and composing sonnets. With Kelly, you’ll be serenated for a lifetime.

Mostly 3’s: Your soulmate is Adriano de Souza. He’s your Brazilian heartthrob to show you a whole new world.  You love his big personality and showmanship, being known as one of the most exciting and energetic surfers out there.  Since his emergence into the professional surfing arena, he’s been consistently at the top.  Your man is getting closer and closer to his World Title.

Rachel is a senior studying Business Management at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She treads the fine line of busy colliegette and overwhelmed stress ball. She enjoys running, hiking, and being outdoors, but willing to trade that in for a day of netflix and intermittent naps.
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