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Peter Weber Might Be The Bachelor, But He Isn’t My Bachelor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hawaii chapter.

Hannah B’s season of The Bachelorette may have ended a while ago, but with the announcement (and current filming) of The Bachelor, I can’t help but wonder if ABC really made the best call with Peter as their pick. Without further ado, here are my top three reasons why Mike would have made the perfect bachelor…


The Man’s Got a Smile

I mean really, if you’re part of #BachelorNation then you have definitely come across a number of people cheering on Mike and his pearly whites. Can you blame them? Based on the group dates, one-on-one dates, and even canceled cocktail parties, there was rarely a moment when Mike wasn’t flashing that bright smile. Sadly, we won’t see it on this season. We took it for granted, I must say. 


A Huge Step Forward For The Franchise

It’s no secret that Mike would have been the first African American bachelor in show history, and with such high approval ratings there’s little reason why he shouldn’t have been ABC’s first pick. In fact, many former Bachelorette’s and Bachelors even came forward and shared their excitement that Mike could be ABC’s first African-American bachelor. Truthfully, representation and diversity are important and for Chris Harrison to say that Peter is “unlike any other bachelor we’ve ever had” is simply not the case. Maybe Chris Harrison forgot he was talking to Peter and was thinking about Mike? 


Mike Didn’t Waste Anyone’s Time

Out of all the times we saw Mike with Hannah we got a glimpse into who he could be as Bachelor. While there were times that he was playful, he was also very serious and grounded throughout much of the show. Much of their time was spent with open, honest dialogue between their pasts, and there were multiple times we saw Mike ask Hannah those hard-hitting questions that got her to open up. Considering how much drama was on this season, Mike was a big breath of fresh air for both Hannah and us


Really, I could go on about why Mike would have been a great fit, but I’ll leave it with that. Mike was so clearly a very humble, down-to-earth guy who showed his feelings openly and candidly throughout the season. Sure, Peter might have been what ABC was after, but I hope that down the line viewers can one day watch a season with a new, diverse lead. Whoever that may be. 


Aislinn is a junior at the University of Hawaii double majoring in Chinese language and political science. Originally from Denver, her love for the ocean and hiking led to her studying in Hawaii, where she now enjoys taking advantage of everything the island offers. If she's not sunbathing on the beach, listening to new music, or exploring all of downtown Honolulu, you'll most likely catch her writing for her own blog, My HI Life. Check is out here: https://aboutmyhilife.blogspot.com
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