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No Exceptions: Top Three Halloween No-Nos

Halloween is that one time of year where you can dress up as almost anything you want. It’s meant to be a fun night with many photo ops with your friends and of course- an overall good time. Unfortunately, some people have taken it too far, creating conflicts that could have been avoided. Wondering if your Halloween costume might be too much? Don’t be the next Julianne Hough or Ashley Benson and offend the world with your costume. Here are some things to keep in mind!

No, it is not okay to be a sexy Native American, Gypsy, Geisha, Egyptian Goddess or Hillbilly. Unless you are dressed up as a specific character i.e. Disney’s Pocahontas, Jasmine or Mulan, please don’t appropriate someone else’s culture. A lot of the accessories made to accompany these costumes have a higher meaning and can be considered sacred. 

2. No-no: Mockery of Tragic Historical Events/Figures

Some historic figures impacted people negatively in their time, as well as in generations to follow. Don’t be that person that makes everyone uncomfortable with your costume. Anybody that even considers representing any symbol of genocide or systematic oppression has other issues that need to be evaluated. Remember that these were real events that affected real people. These costumes are supposed to be amusing, not spreading a message of hate. 

3. No-no: Risque’ Costumes in the Wrong Places

Although many people take Halloween to wear their sexiest outfits, remember that there is a time and place. Flaunt what you got but remember that children shouldn’t be able to see every crevice of your body. Be classy not trashy.

Gaby Moran is from Long Beach, California. She's currently a junior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a writer for Her Campus. She enjoys lavender-colored things, dark chocolate, Thai food, pop culture and feminism.
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