My Favorite Spiritual Influencers

As I first began to dip my toes into spirituality, I discovered some amazing women preaching a message of positivity and authenticity on their social media platforms. Their uplifting messages and work inspired me (and still does!), having a profound effect on my outlook on the world. If you’re looking for some positivity, tips on how to live presently, or maybe just needing something new to listen to, check out the accounts below!

  1. 1. Raquelle Mantra from Your Own Magic

    I first discovered Raquelle Mantra through her podcast Your Own Magic and was instantly hooked! She often has guests on her show from many different walks of life and professions (everything from authors, to physics, to yogis, and so much more) to discuss topics such as manifestation, meditation, and listening to your intuition. Often, Raquelle will do solo podcasts as well. Her engaging topics and calming demeanor always make the podcast an insightful and enjoyable listen, and I have gained so much wisdom from listening in these past few years.

  2. 2. Kris from Kris the Lioness

    Kris’s main platform is Instagram, where she often shares videos and Instagram posts with advice and inspiration. Her discussions on body positivity and the Law of Attraction have definitely made an impact on my life.

  3. 3. Annie Tarasova from Dreamy Moons

    Annie Tarasova is an artist and influencer who has a line of spirituality based journals, books, art prints, and more through her company Dreamy Moons. I absolutely adore the journals she sells and have gotten one for the past three years. They are sprinkled with affirmations, uplifting quotes, and visualization exercises that make journaling so much more engaging, and fun, too

    2 journals spread out on a blank background with a pen and faux plant
  4. 4. Hitomi Mochizuki

    I first discovered Hitomi Mochizuki through YouTube, where she would post long talks with insight into her life, body positivity, and about her journey to spirituality. I find her platform to be uplifting and a great reminder to reconnect and recenter with the present moment.

  5. 5. Claire Michelle from plantifulsoul

    Lastly, Claire Michelle’s Instagram captions always have wisdom to offer. She often speaks of living authentically, presently, and with love.

Be sure to check out some of the accounts linked above if you are in need of a more uplifting social media feed!