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Everyone has that phase where they attempt to organize their lives in the most efficient way possible. Whether that be by calendars, to-do lists, reminders, apps where you input tasks for you to do, and if you don’t complete them your bird dies (very specific, but trust me, this app exists), and bullet journaling. 

If you haven’t experienced this phase yet, trust me, it will.

I attempted to organize my life down to how many hours of sleep I’m getting, the moods I feel every day, what songs I’m listening to the most for specific months, and how many water bottles I drink every day. I attempted to do so by bullet journaling.

Bullet journaling is when you use a journal with dots instead of lines as your personal planner/tracker/diary. It all depends on what you think you need inside. It is basically customizing your own planner by hand. 

In my opinion, bullet journaling is like the thing you try to do because every social media influencer makes it look so easy and beautiful and majestic but the reality can be the complete opposite. In my experience, it was.

Bullet journaling took so much of my time, especially since I wanted it to look aesthetically pleasing like how all the YouTubers did. It was especially difficult because I had no idea how to do calligraphy, and often had to trace my letters because of that. Plus, having 2 jobs and being in college does not make for much time to make my bullet journal all pretty and fantastic. 

No tea, no shade, but bullet journaling is for people who have the skills to do it. Sure, you can most definitely have a bullet journal with no actual artistic skills, but I find it to be motivating when my journal would be aesthetically pleasing.

I love the idea of it and love the fact that you’re able to see what was going on in your life to the T, but it just took too much time to maintain. It definitely helped me a lot with reflecting on myself, and my habits, and keeping me accountable for not having enough sleep or water. 

Bullet journaling is a great idea and a great way to reflect and keep yourself accountable, but just be weary of how much time you spend creating your journal pages, and don’t stress out too much about how it looks! Your journal is meant to relieve you of that. Be real with yourself and dictate whether or not you have the time to make it look as majestic as all the YouTubers do. And if you don’t, that’s totally okay. 

If you’d like to go into journaling of any kind, find a method that works for you. If you have to keep experimenting, don’t worry, everyone in this phase has done the same. Eventually, you’ll be able to do what feels right for you!

Jessa Tadeo

Hawaii '24

Howzit! I'm Jessa, a self-proclaimed music enthusiast, born and raised on O'ahu. I'm in my third year majoring in Social Work and I love to go on way too many coffee runs.