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Moving Out for College Is F.U.N. (Frightening. Uneasy. Nice.)

After having online classes for the past year and a half, I finally (hopefully) have classes to go to in-person. That’s crazy. I’m a sophomore in college, but this is my first time living on campus, experiencing college life, and everything else in between. 

Since it’s my first time moving and living away from home, I already knew I was going to hit some bumps in the road. And don’t get me wrong, college has been fun, but I see it as F.U.N. ― Frightening. Uneasy. Nice.


If anyone has ever experienced moving out of their parents’ place for the first time, you’ve had to be frightened by the thought of leaving home, being on your own, or at least been frightened at the amount of heavy lifting and sweat that will accumulate over the course of the moving process. And in my case, it was all three of these things balled up into one. I’ll be honest; I was scared. 

Even now, I’m still a bit scared and anxious about what tomorrow will entail. What do I do now? Where do I go from here? It’s a weird and exciting experience to move to a new place and to set the foundation for whatever comes next for yourself, but definitely frightening as hell.


The first couple of nights were uneasy; uncomfortable. I kept waking up during the night tossing and turning, but I like to tell myself that it’s because of my new mattress that I have to get used to sleeping on. I like to think that I’m pretty good at taking in change, but ever since moving, I’ve learned that there’s an extent to how much change I can take at one time. 

It’s not too bad, waking up every morning to different sounds (I.e. morning chatter, cars rumbling by, and skateboards zooming by) that I didn’t hear before when I lived at my parents’ house. I did feel super uneasy waking up to roommates who I’ve at this point only known for a week, but in the end it’s all fun, right?


Overall, college life has been treating me well and it’s been actually really nice. I’ve learned a lot about myself, like how roommates think I’m disorganized, but I just have my own kind of organization, and that adulting isn’t so hard. I feel like I’m finally in the stage of moving out where I have my own rhythm and can express and experience things without fear. It’s nice to finally get through the uncomfortable parts of becoming independent. And it’s nice to finally get to experience college life to the fullest (unless there’s something else that I’m missing…I’ll keep you updated!)

Aubrey is a second-year student majoring in Public Health and pursuing a minor in Biology at UH Manoa. Being born and raised on the island of Maui, Hawaii, she aspires to help others, focusing on community outreach and underrepresented minority health. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, journaling, and going on picnics/watching films with family and friends.
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