Maui no ka 'oi: Meet Niki Trivison


Name: Niki Trivison

Age: 21

Year: Senior

Hometown: Kihei, Maui

Major: Political Science

Minor: Philosophy

Relationship status: Single and ready to mingle!


What is something you are passionate about?

Probably social change. I want to make changes in the world- especially in the Middle East. I want to work for either the UN or some human rights organization and help out people in the middle east. 

Describe an ideal night out:

Right before sunset, I'd like to be at the beach and watch the sunset, and then go to eat somewhere, and then go out and about... probably go dancing. I like dancing.

What is your typical shave ice order?

Definitely first ice cream on the bottom, and then probably half-and-half vanilla and coconut, and then with the condensed milk on top.

What did you do over thanksgiving break?

I had surgery, and then my auntie and uncle were visiting and we went to a family friend's house. I was pretty much wheeled around in a wheel chair the whole day by my uncle. 

Turn ons?

Someone who's active and fit and who likes to go to the beach.. and someone smart- they can't be stupid. Massages turn me on… so if they like to give massages. Confidence is a big turn on. And I love local boys. 

Turn offs?

Someone who's smoking cigarettes. I don't like that. ...or someone who is cocky and not confident. If they talk a lot of shit about people: I don't like that. 

If you could choose any musician to write a song about you, who would it be?

The Green…. no, actually J Boog. 

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

My mom surprised me for my birthday.


Lightening Round:

Celeb crush (male): Can it be a rugby player? …Sonny Bill Williams.

Celeb crush (female): Probably Beyonce. She’s like a wonder woman. More power to her. 

Favorite beach? Probably Big Beach on Maui.

Favorite bar or club? I like The M.

Best day of the week? Definitely Saturday... I love my Saturdays.

Avril Lavigne or Blink-182? Probably Avril.

Tea or coffee? Tea definitely.

Beer or shots? Shots... is there a wine option?

Thanksgiving or Christmas? Christmas.

Power of flight or ability to breath under water? Probably flying.

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter

Dog or Cat? Dogs

Abs or biceps? Biceps... that's so hard.