A Letter to the Boy That's Holding You Back

Dear boyfriend of the girl that came into my work, The other day, I had the privilege of meeting your gorgeous Australian girlfriend and her mother. As she was doing some shopping, her mother and I were doing some talking. And boy, did I hear a little bit about you. Just that little bit I heard made me reconsider your relationship.

After a while of talking with her mom, I told her about the recent journey I had studying abroad in London. She was pleasantly surprised to hear that, considering your girlfriend was thinking about doing the same in America. UCLA, SDSU, these were a couple of the schools she had her eye on. It was a bit shocking to hear her mother mention that her daughter was hesitant and still on the fence about doing it. And I couldn’t understand why, until she mentioned YOU.

Luckily your girlfriend came over to us when her mother gave me a look as if she needed me to convince her studying abroad was going to be one of the best decisions of her life. Once I heard her side of the story, I got word that you told her she would be dumb to study in the states. You told her that you would break up with her if she decided to follow through. Just from the few minutes of talking to her, I could tell this is something she really wanted, and that she was kind and full of life.

You, on the other hand, I don’t think have seen that yet. You, an insecure child of a boyfriend thinks you have the right to tell your girlfriend what dreams she can and can’t have. Or better yet, threaten her with the loss of your excuse of a relationship over something that will only benefit her life. If you truly “loved” her, you would be able to see that this independent woman (shout out to Destiny’s Child) is capable of being whoever she wants, doing whatever she pleases, traveling to where ever she pleases.

Maybe I’m being a little too harsh, or maybe I’m telling you exactly what she’s wanting to tell you. And maybe this even goes for several other girls. If it bothers you that much, and you don’t have the confidence to trust her while she’s away, go ahead and do us all a favor, and PLEASE break up with your girlfriend, because if I were her, I would be bored too.

Sincerely, a girl who thinks she’s too good for you.