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Kyle Kosaki, the man behind UH Productions

So you’ve heard of UH Productions and have probably seen ample amounts of videos produced by this team, but did you know that a student actually manages the entire organizaiton? The brains behind this operation is Kyle Kosaki, a passionate filmmaker and longtime member of the student media organization.

1) When did you start UHPRO? Why?
I became a part of UHPro my Freshman year. I saw that they were tabling down Legacy Pathway and I was first drawn by all the equipment they had setup. I then asked a little bit more about the organization and they told me that it was for students of any major. Knowing that I was a potential Business Major at the time, this organization really appealed to me because I knew that I wanted to get involved with video production since I was young. I had been doing video production since the 8th grade, making videos for the sole purpose of making people laugh. Eventually UHP would push my potential as a filmmaker, influence me to change my major to film, and ultimately allow me to take on the position of General Manager.
2) What UHPRO videos were your original ideas? 
Da Scoops was an original video that was created by me and my producer at the time, Taylor Ho. We thought it would be fun to go around getting students’ thoughts about certain lighthearted topics, and it eventually became the most consistent and watched show on our page. I edited Da Scoops for my first and second year in the organization, and ran it my second year. Da Scoops is still running on our page today, and is still very consistent. It is now run by Ashley Aurellano, my Broadcast Producer. I like how our members are still adding their own flare to the videos. It changes every year in many ways, but it will always be the same show that the students have come to know and love. 
3) Favorite aspects of working in student media and why?
My favorite aspect about working in student media is the fact that every student that joins has the power and tools to allow themselves to express themselves creatively through film production. I see them improving and coming up with new ideas everyday, and it always reminds me of the drive and energy I had when I first joined. 
5) If you could see yourself in 10 years, what would you see?
In 10 years I see myself creating my own television show in Hawaii. I know that it’s a long shot, but I believe that if I can carry on the energy and drive that I acquired through my schooling and UHP, I will be able to achieve my dreams. If not a television show, I’ll probably be working in commercial work locally.
6) Other video experience outside of UHPRO?
Being a film major, I work on many projects that contain sets with different types of camera equipment and workflows. I also work with some friends (who have already graduated) in commercial/client work. So far I have made music videos for local artists, commercials for smaller businesses, and worked on set for a handful of ACM films.
7) Three words to describe your jobs.
Motivating, Innovating, and Consistent 
8) Advice to aspiring videographers. 
Any and all aspiring videographers should keep active by networking and meeting people who will help them fulfill their desire to make videos. By this I mean making great friends in the same field who will have your back, going out and participating in other people’s video projects, learning from experience, and of course, joining organizations or groups that share similar goals.
Sammi Baum is a 21 year old journalist working to inspire the masses with her words. Baum is Taiwanese-German, a journalism major with an emphasis in English and Italian, a curvy women advocate, a gamer girl, and a low-key fashionista. Currently, she is a junior at the University of Hawaii.
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