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Kelsey Coria

Everyone meet Kelsey Coria, KC for short. She is from Stockton, California and she has been in Hawaii since freshmen year in college. So far, it has been a great experience and she hopes to live here in the future. She loves the people, culture, and everything is amazing here and it makes it hard for her return to her hometown. She is a senior and she is majoring in Biology, Pre-Dental. Aside from her major she is also involved with a lot of extra-curricular activities. She is a:


  • Senator of the College of Arts & Sciences for ASUH

  • President of Beta Beta Gamma sorority

  • Member of Pre-Dental Association

  • Member of Golden Key Honor Society

  • Member of National Society of Collegiate Scholars

  • Dancer for Tahiti Mana.


She is a part of all these because she loves the opportunities, and people that was brought to her life. She decided to join ASUH because she have a passion for student government, as she served all four years on student council in high school. Joining BBG has been her best decision as it has enabled her to gain a family out here in Hawaii and having sisters to count on has helped her grow so much. Organizations like the Pre-Dental Association and Honor Societies are for the benefit of her future by engaging me in community service and much more. In 10 years she sees herself being finished with dental school and practicing orthodontics in Hawaii.

When she has time on her hands she loves working out, dancing tahitian, watching sporting events, and spending time with my family.

She just got hired to be an online science and math tutor for elementary and high school students her Hawaii!

A quote/phrase she lives by is: FAMILY FIRST!

“I live by this because through everything they are my number one priority and will always be there for me. It is something my dad said repeatedly growing up and until this day, he always reminds us that no matter what we are going through, we always have each other. I love my family so, so much!!”

Thank you Kelsey Coria for being this week’s Campus Celebrity! Keep striving in all that you do!!

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